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Quality Audience
Over the last five years HP NEWS has built a strong relationship with the owners and directors of the Rajasthan most successful and innovative small and medium sized businesses.

Every day a newsletter of our News Channel are sent to our subscribers, making HP NEWS the India’s largest News Channel.
Using our existing relationships and dominance in India, Through SMO space we have also built an online audience of owners and decision makers who choose HP NEWS as their first choice for news, information and advice.

Quality Content 
Our journalists and editorial staff are committed to producing the best and most informative News Channel for the Indian market and constantly working with our Viewers to cover topics that they want to watch.

The HP NEWS website utilizes the news, editorial and adds in “hot off the press” news, discussion, video interviews and a directory of products and services.

Innovative Formats 
As well as the monthly news, the information on our website is accessible through a number of formats to match the requirements of our audience.

The weekly news updates and breaking news alerts are sent directly to the inbox of the business owners and manager who have signed up to be better informed, users with the information at their finger tips wherever and whenever they need it all allow advertisers and sponsors to target their brand or business to the most vibrant business sector in the India.

Website Statistics
The site’s visitors view 3.1 unique pages each day on average with visitors spending roughly three minutes per visit to the site and two minutes per page view.

What the readers think 
“Every member of our HP NEWS (completely voluntary). The practical topics that the Channel covers are a welcome change to the theoretical nonsense so often preached by the people who talk rather than do.”

“I can honestly say that part of our small but growing success is directly attributable to ideas that we have acted upon after reading articles in the News. HP NEWS is inspiring, practical and thoroughly entertaining”

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1.Top Header Add – 5000/- for 30 Days + Making Charge Extra PER Advertisement
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